Now, how about those Personality Islands?

I pretty much saw myself in ‘Inside Out‘, a Pixar movie that looks inside the mind of a 11-year old. In it, the Islands of Personality represent the different aspects of main character’s personality that define her as a person. The islands crumble during a traumatic event only to be rebuilt upon main character’s coming to peace with her feelings.

Not only had my islands long crumbled, which became evident as I was shedding tears , but it also made me think of voices in my head. I quickly learned that the loudest of my voices corresponds to the ‘critical inner voice’ defined as:

‘Well-integrated pattern of negative thoughts toward one’s self and others that is at the root of an individual’s maladaptive behavior. It represents an overlay on the personality that is not natural or harmonious but learned or imposed from without’.

Ok, so there is my inner voice and my critical inner voice. So, if I can listen to only one of  voices at the time, then who is playing the music in the background? Remembering that there is a zero chance of me coming up with something not known before, I googled the subject and here it is, for your reading pleasure.


One thing led to another…

I first recognized my depressive symptoms while watching this Robert Sapolsky’s lecture on depression. Watch him undermine the current ‘they’re depressed because they’re weak’ paradigm without using a single .ppt slide. Marvelous!



Meeting the enemy

I ran into Robert Sapolsky’s work while questioning whether my ‘unique’ reactions to seemingly non-stressful events were a part of my character.  Guess what, the answer turned out to be a ‘no’. That kind of hurt my brain fog a little.